Record your weekly lifestyle and food changes (Show explanation)

This page allows you to find out which lifestyle, action, behavior, food, medicine, etc, can lower (or increase) your blood pressure (BP).

It contains a list of lifestyles (and foods) that are known to affect long term blood pressure. However, the same lifestyle change does not produce the same blood pressure change in everybody; therefore, everyone has to experiment on him/herself to find out which change affects his/her blood pressure.

This page allows you to record weekly every lifestyle change that can affect your blood pressure. Every time you make a change to these lifestyles (and any others that you can add), a chart will show you how your new lifestyle has changed your blood pressure, allowing you to understand if that change impacts your long term blood pressure or not.

Since this page is aimed to discover changes that have a long term impact, data is entered once a week, and refers to the previous calendar week (from Monday to Sunday). You can also enter data of previous weeks by changing the week date.

You are required to enter all the data only the first time that you fill out this form. In the following weeks you only need to enter the data that has changed from the previous week. If you are not interested in monitoring some lifestyles, than you can hide them, and you will not see them again (You need to save the form with the lifestyles hidden.) To see again the hidden lifestyles click "Show all" next to the lifestyles category. (You can see "Show all" only if you have at least one lifestyle hidden in the category.)

A weekly alert will remind you to fill out this weekly form, after you save your BP reading.

to Sunday, Mar 24, 2019
Food and Drink Intake Show all
Salt (sodium)
Junk food
Red & processed meat
Coffee (caffeine)
Follow the DASH diet
Healthy food
Potassium-rich foods
Magnesium-rich foods
Calcium-rich foods
Whole grain products
Activities Show all
Heavy workout
Aerobic exercise
Light workout
Yoga or other relaxing activities
Stress Show all
Stress at work
Stress at home
Good sleeping quality
Good sleeping quantity
Smoking Show all
Smoking / nicotine intake
Food Supplements Show all
Vitamin B
Vitamin D
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Medical related conditions Show all
NSAID painkillers
Health condition
Personal lifestyles Show all
Add a new lifestyle

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