How to take your blood pressure with an automatic/electronic blood pressure monitor

The following recommendations are for automatic/electronic blood pressure monitor. If you are measuring your blood pressure by yourself, it is strongly recommended that you use an automatic blood pressure monitor, because the concentration required to measure your blood pressure manually might influence your blood pressure.

  1. Read the instruction manual that came with your blood pressure monitor (sphygmomanometer) and follow them.
  2. Empty your bladder.
  3. Find a comfortable, warm place to sit with good back support at a table or desk, possibly next to your computer, so you can easily take and record several readings according to the recommendations given by after each reading.
  4. When you are ready to take your blood pressure, sit quietly and relax for about five minutes beforehand.
  5. Place your feet flat on the floor and rest your arm on a tabletop level with your heart. Lean against the back of the chair and sit straight. Stretch out your arm, palm upward.
  6. Place the cuff on your bare upper arm one inch above the bend of your elbow. Make sure the tubing falls over the front center of your arm so that the sensor is correctly placed. Pull the end of the cuff so that it's evenly tight around your arm. You should place it tight enough so that you can only slip two fingertips under the top edge of the cuff.
  7. To get started, wait a moment, then press start. Remain still and quiet as the machine begins measuring. The cuff will inflate, then slowly deflate so that the machine can take your measurement. When the reading is complete, the monitor displays your blood pressure and pulse on the digital panel.
  8. Report the readings on the “record my BP” page and answer the questions related to this blood pressure reading.
  9. Press “Save” and follow the recommendations provided to you. will advise you to take another blood pressure reading for a few times until your readings are stable. Wait at least 1 minute between readings.
  10. You might be advised to record your last week lifestyles. If you are interested in knowing which lifestyle change can lower your blood pressure, then click on the link provided, and enter your lifestyles, so can show you charts that compare your lifestyles with your blood pressure.

Tips for successful home blood pressure monitoring

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