FREE ONLINE BLOOD PRESSURE LOG AND LIFESTYLES ANALYZER is a free online journal designed to help you track and lower hypertension. It was designed as an easy way to keep track of blood pressure readings, and discover which lifestyle changes can lower (or increase) your blood pressure.

A very easy to read chart will compare your blood pressure with each lifestyle change that you record. This will allow you and your doctor to easily find out which lifestyle changes are more beneficial for you.


Nutritional, physical and psychosocial factors influence blood pressure (BP), and the management of these factors - that we’ll call lifestyles - has been shown to reduce BP. The number of lifestyle changes that can affect blood pressure are many, and your doctor cannot tell you which one can lower your hypertension, and which one will have no or little effect on you. allows you to discover which lifestyle changes have the biggest impact on your blood pressure, so you can reduce your blood pressure making only the lifestyle changes that really work for you.

The site accomplishes its goal by recording your blood pressure and the lifestyle that you have follows for a few weeks, and showing you, in an easy to read chart, the comparison of your blood pressure with the new lifestyle. Some well-known lifestyles that impact blood pressure are already provided in your form. In addition, you can add any lifestyle that you believe can impact your blood pressure and keep track of how your blood pressure changes by changing that lifestyle.

If you are not interested to know which lifestyle change can lower your blood pressure, you can still use to simply log your blood pressure and use its advanced features to have the most accurate blood pressure readings ever possible.

NOT JUST A LOG BUT AN ACCURATE LOG provides tools to help you to have a very accurate log of your blood pressure:

  1. When you record your BP reading, you are asked to reply to a few questions that are useful to understand if your BP might have been altered by temporary conditions. Your reply will be printed in your log, so you can remember those conditions and share them with your doctor. Some readings, that might be particularly altered, will be automatically excluded from charts, but shown on the log with info useful to your doctor who can see your BP under particular conditions. When this happens, reminds you to take your blood pressure again after a certain amount of time.
  2. When you record a BP taken within a few minutes, alerts you to take up to 4 additional BP readings. A special algorithm checks if the previous readings are stable, and only when necessary it alerts you to take another reading.


To use this site you need:

  1. A blood pressure monitor (sphygmomanometer). An automatic one is strongly recommended especially if you take your blood pressure by yourself.
  2. A computer, or tablet, or smart phone connected to the Internet, (better with a large screen).
  3. to take your BP almost every day, and input your reading on the “record my BP” page. The more readings you log, the better idea you and your doctor will have to control your blood pressure.
  4. To answer a few questions that allows the system to understand if your reading is accurate or it could have been altered by some temporary conditions like drinking a coffee, getting emotional, exercising, etc.
  5. To fill out once a week a form to record the changes in your lifestyles and/or food that could impact your long term blood pressure.
  6. To check the charts that show you how your BP has changed based on your lifestyle changes. This step should been done together with your doctor.


You should plan your strategy with your doctor who should target the plan with your specific conditions and medical history.

One way to proceed is to start making all changes that your doctor thinks will work for you or are good for your general health, and keep working on them for some time. Then you can start making some experiments, and change another lifestyle that you and your doctor think might affect your BP and check the result in a few weeks. A good strategy is to make one change every few weeks so, in the chart it will be easy to see the result of the lifestyle change.

Beside the lifestyles and food already provided in the form, you can add as many items as you wish and analyze them. For example, you can analyze:

  • Specific foods or groups of food
  • Medicines (never change medicine without your doctor's approval)
  • Food supplements
  • Lifestyles
  • Activities
  • Habits
  • Therapies
  • Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Anything else

All you have to do to add a new lifestyle is to provide a name to it, and choose how to measure it. Then the lifestyle will appear in your weekly lifestyle changes form.

In addition, you can take your BP several times a day, and have important information for your doctor. Knowing at what times of the day, or what days, your readings are higher, can help your doctor find out the causes of your hypertension.


There are many free sites and apps that allow you to keep your blood pressure log, but none provides you the tools to discover which lifestyle, medicine, food, activity can really reduce your BP, and none provides the tools to enhance the accuracy of the BP readings. We are so confident that we are so much better than our competitors that we invite you to click the search button below, and run a real time google search that will provide a list of our competitors, so you can compare their features with ours and decide by yourself which one suits you the most.

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